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em·bod·i·ment   əmˈbädēmənt / noun

a tangible form of a feeling. expression, manifestation.

in·body·meant   inˈbädēmənt / noun

the understanding that all people deserve to feel tangible freedom in their form and that this self-expression can be manifested through yoga.


the in body meant project is a movement designed to make yoga more inclusive.

we believe that yoga is meant for all bodies. through art, social media and interpersonal connection, we seek to disrupt the habitual over-representation of one body type in yoga media. we honor a diversity of yogis in hopes of raising interest in and access to yoga as a healing and embodiment modality in all communities.


to read the mission and full manifesto of the in body meant project, visit the mission page. information about how to submit photos and essays can be found on the submission page. 

jordan smiley

Jordan is a full-time student and teacher of yoga, dedicated to sharing the joyful mystery of yoga with the full spectrum of humanity.  he is leading the in body meant project out of Denver, Colorado, where he teaches public classes, yoga teacher training and workshops. visit the bio page to learn how and why yoga is tattooed on Jordan’s heart.


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