Jordan is a full-time student and teacher of yoga, dedicated to sharing the joyful mystery of yoga with the full spectrum of humanity.  Founder of the in body meant project, he has studied Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Tantrik Yoga, and all the limbs of yoga with master teachers.  Before relocating to Colorado to pursue the physical arts, Jordan completed a degree in Poetics and Language in Seattle. His degree served him during his ten years teaching in Title 1 public schools in the Front Range. Jordan has served students from Kindergarten to Pre-Collegiate levels, including students with various learning abilities and styles and socio and linguistically diverse learners. He has taught many topics ranging from literacy to aviation, math and anatomy to history and poetry. Secretly he loves astrophysics, quantum science, spoken word and trail running. His love for animals is more public.

With over 1,000 hours in the yoga classroom annually, Jordan leads adults in Yoga Alliance-Certified 200-Hour level Yoga Teacher Trainings and Anatomy Courses; teaches public Vinyasa and Alignment classes at multiple yoga spaces throughout the greater Denver area; supports and cultivates private clients in their practice; guides yoga teachers as a mentor and professional resource; teaches Mindfulness and Injury Prevention to young professional dancers; and leads workshops and retreats wherever they take him globally.

Jordan offers philosophy, meditation, and asana from the understanding that well-aligned yoga practice helps us embody miraculous healing. He is inspired by the physics of modern and contemporary dance, and known for innovative, challenging and fluid flows and unexpected transitions. His designs are backed by a solid understanding of biomechanical alignment, fascia-release techniques, and expansive, intelligent transitions designed to stretch, strengthen and deliver insight. He has a passion for daily practice, integration of mindful breathwork, and an ability to make the room light up with laughter. he welcomes all students to the joyful path of yoga, where it is his intention to encourage fearless self-love, vigorous self-study and enduring compassion. find his full schedule here.

Within the yoga community, Jordan advocates for non-gendered communication, bathrooms and classrooms. He speaks for yoga classes in neighborhoods of color led by teachers of color. He encourages and models body-positive and non-violent language, and seeks to cultivate and be accountable to consent-to-touch and trauma sensitivity practices in the classroom. Overall, Jordan wants safe and inclusive yoga for all.

A note from Jordan: 

I believe our stories matter. telling them gives us insight. they reveal our tenderness, and make known our humanity beneath the complexity of our individuality. without narrative we would have no such experience as forgiveness, healing or triumph. they are one of the many gifts of being embodied on the planet. they show us a way to a better way. here’s mine: 

the majority of my adolescence was spent reeling from the momentum of the generational trauma and pain-body I inherited from my bloodline. I grew up with a strong and independent mother of five, and a physically abusive alcoholic father who came and went. my mother, an educated mestiza, worked constantly. she did what she could to provide us community through native dance, athletics and church. yet in most of my childhood memories, I feel separated from my family, humanity, and most especially, my body. this disembodiment was partly due to the way my father treated me, and in part because of how society reflected my sense of who I was back at me. I was always someone halfway between butch and femme, brown and white, believer and atheist, belonging to the group and cast-out. I was entirely identified with my ego’s fear and pain. 

I graduated high school and college with honors, and enjoyed relative professional success working with young people. but by the time I moved to Denver, I was struggling to recover from over a decade of addiction and abusive relationships with substances and people, including myself.  I managed to gather the funds to complete a solitary and terrifying gender reassignment surgery that had been a life time in coming. in the weeks I took off work to recover I came to a realization that there was a part of me that gender and trauma couldn’t touch. it was luminescent and free. I felt like I was starting to wake up from a deep sleep. although I had studied meditation and Buddhist philosophy for many years, I found I couldn’t stay still on my meditation seat long enough to reap the rehabilitating benefits of silence.

the first yoga class I took gave me the somatic and spiritual input that running, art, alcohol –even my own new male body — couldn’t provide. the practice connected my breathing physical body to my ethereal spirit. I all but immediately dedicated myself to this movement and meditation technique with full heart and mind. as I learned to intervene with mindfulness and breath, my cravings and self-destructive behaviors started to dissolve. I started to notice my breath throughout the day, heal my organs, befriend my mind, and feel joy in simple movement. I didn’t feel like I was transcending my humanity, but rather waking down into my own body and heart, which had been present all along, just hidden. now, years later, I get to share that opportunity and peace with others, and I could not be happier than to report that I do it full time. I believe that yoga saves lives. it saved mine. I can think of no greater delight than to offer the opportunity to heal, connect and embody to those around me. 


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