Jordan is a full-time student and teacher of yoga, dedicated to sharing the joyful mystery of yoga with the full spectrum of humanity.  Founder of the in body meant project, he has studied Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Tantrik Yoga, and all the limbs of yoga with master teachers.  Before relocating to Colorado to pursue the physical arts, Jordan completed a degree in Poetics and Language in Seattle. His degree served him during his ten years teaching in Title 1 public schools in the Front Range. Jordan has served students from Kindergarten to Pre-Collegiate levels, including students with various learning abilities and styles and socio and linguistically diverse learners. He has taught many topics ranging from literacy to aviation, math and anatomy to history and poetry. Secretly he loves astrophysics, quantum science, spoken word and trail running. His love for animals is more public.

With over 1,000 hours in the yoga classroom annually, Jordan leads adults in Yoga Alliance-Certified 200-Hour level Yoga Teacher Trainings and Anatomy Courses; teaches public Vinyasa and Alignment classes at multiple yoga spaces throughout the greater Denver area; supports and cultivates private clients in their practice; guides yoga teachers as a mentor and professional resource; teaches Mindfulness and Injury Prevention to young professional dancers; and leads workshops and retreats wherever they take him globally.

Jordan offers philosophy, meditation, and asana from the understanding that well-aligned yoga practice helps us embody miraculous healing. He is inspired by the physics of modern and contemporary dance, and known for innovative, challenging and fluid flows and unexpected transitions. His designs are backed by a solid understanding of biomechanical alignment, fascia-release techniques, and expansive, intelligent movement designed to stretch, strengthen and deliver inner-sight and insight. He has a passion for daily practice, integration of mindful breathwork, and an ability to make the room light up with laughter. He welcomes all students to the joyful path of yoga, where it is his intention to encourage fearless self-love, vigorous self-study and enduring compassion. Find his full schedule here.

Within the yoga community, Jordan advocates for inclusive non-violent communication, bathrooms and classrooms. He speaks for yoga classes in neighborhoods of color led by teachers of color, and mentors teachers in their work to reach a variety of communities. He encourages and models body-positive language, and seeks to cultivate and be accountable to consent-to-touch and trauma-aware practices in the classroom. Overall, Jordan wants safe and inclusive healing practices for all bodies!

From Jordan: 

I believe you are whole. I believe the person that you believe you are is only a fraction of who you truly are and how much of the magnitude you are capable of embodying. the bigness that you are needs no approval, understanding or acknowledgement. (not even your’s!) you are always already complete!  when you move your body, you move your heart-mind and the precious net of energy woven beneath and beyond your skin. and when you heal, it impacts the entire sacred mandala of being around you. 

for the well-being and liberation of all, let us undertake practices together that help us to be quiet enough to hear the truth that whispers between our bones. may our work together reveal the tenderness of our initial misunderstandings about who we are and why we are here. may our shared rites of passage move us directly into the heart of compassionate wisdom. may all beings be happy and free!

if you wish to explore the sacred and profane perfection of your journey with me, reach out to schedule private sessions, mentorship or come to class!

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