Gurupriya Beth, Colorado:

“Like many Persons Of Color, I traverse worlds, languages, epistemologies, and ways of being in the world. Like others in my boat, I have long reflected on the intersections of race, class, gender, and other social markers that contribute to harmful social outcomes for those like me. My muscles for the Self Study aspect of yoga practice are strong.

Yet, I recently have found myself having tougher-than-usual discussions with spiritual colleagues, friends and students; especially those whose social locations have not required deep looking into the systemic marginalization that people like me, and those I feel solidarity with, regularly face. There are many invisible assumptions in the yoga meditation world that bear down on these difficult conversations. I have broken the taboos by questioning presumably sacred yet dismissive assumptions. I have encountered what is akin to a weak muscle or an undeveloped nerve pathway; a way of seeing and being that is simply not practiced by people who have mostly lived safely in this country.

At the same time, I know that kindness and compassion are strong values in the yoga community and so I call on my fellow practitioners to put that compassion into tangible and material action, especially for the sake of the vulnerable among us. I ask that we take our warrior poses beyond the mat and into the public sphere.”

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