Maite, age 6, Colorado:

Meet Maite, a six year old Colorado native and yoga practitioner.

Maite’s mom, Megan says “Maite began practicing yoga when I got the book ‘Yoga for the Special Child’ by Sonia Sumar, a brazilian woman who had had a daughter with Downs Syndrome and yoga had helped her tremendously. I went to one of her trainings when Maite was 10 months old because she wasn’t crawling. Yoga postures, specifically cat/cow, updog, sitting on knees and plank helped Maite become aware of her muscles in order to create the strength and balance to crawl.

Maite cannot quite communicate with her words yet. Down Syndrome brings low muscle tone throughout the body, which also means the face and mouth muscles. Maite can voice her needs in basic terms. However, her vocabulary is growing daily! Maite’s favorite part of yoga is chanting. She sits in Sukhasana on her own and brings her hands in front of her heart, and chants om, hari om, or shanti om. The universal sound of OM is something that she can say very well! She steps into that stream quite effortlessly and joyfully.”

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