TJ, Colorado

“For as long as I could remember, dance had been my only outlet to let go of what I experienced in my violent home life. I had been homeschooled my entire life, so dance was also my only means of age appropriate socialization. Being at dance meant I was away from my unstable home, and taking care of myself, physically and emotionally, as best as I knew how. I danced so much and so hard, I fell into a spiral of injuries that left me unable to dance for weeks, or months at a time. This led me to not knowing how to recognize or handle my emotions in the only safe outlet I knew how. At this time, being introduced to yoga helped rehabilitate my physical injuries and give my mind space to cope and be present in a way I wasn’t being allowed to at home.

After a long break from yoga, but still dancing, I was a young adult when my father committed suicide. Yet again, yoga found it’s way back into my life, and kept me breathing, kept me moving forward.

After moving to Colorado and meeting a collective of teachers whom are dedicated to their practice and healing so wholeheartedly (Jordan, in particular), I was able to end an abusive marriage and continue to build more faith in yoga as a healer.

I’ve grown not only to better understand my body’s physical needs, but how to hold myself accountable with my emotional needs. I find myself undoing patterns and core beliefs around violence and abuse, against others as well as myself. I find myself able to finally feel a spectrum of emotions rather than just overwhelming triggering numbness. Yoga has given me a range of awareness that I have not been able to know how to ask for. The more practice I put in, the more my heart rips wide open in ways I have had no prior knowledge on how to heal. Allowing the pain of held emotion to finally break free and transform into forgiveness and compassion is a gift beyond grateful words.

Honest yoga makes space for any person to heal their physical body & their emotional body, the things you can’t see just by looking at them. I can’t help but wonder how yoga could’ve absolutely helped my Dad had he known how to access it. I know it’s saved my life.”

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