the in body meant project

em·bod·i·ment   əmˈbädēmənt / noun

a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling. personification, realization, expression, manifestation.

in·body·meant   inˈbädēmənt / noun

the belief that all persons are meant to be liberated in their body expression and that this homecoming can be realized through the fierce and joyful practice of yoga.

the in body meant project is a movement aimed at helping you realize that you and your body were meant for each other.

no matter how you call your body. brown body. small body. trans body. tattooed body. non-conforming body. 

we believe that yoga is an unrivaled healer and a profound teacher meant for you and all people. we know that a diverse population practices yoga, but that these practitioners are not consistently represented in yoga media, publications and resources. the current published representation of a yogi conveys that yoga is meant for a limited range of bodies. it is time to unravel this myth.

we seek to shift the face of popular yoga media to more accurately reflect the spectrum of studentship that practices. what would occur if yoga magazines, clothing lines and manuals consistently had images of transgendered and queer people, people of color, people with differently-abled or modified bodies, religiously diverse immigrants, first nation people and other minorities doing yoga? more minorities would come and be fearlessly included in the yoga classroom.

the project will create this shift in awareness by collecting a photo and essay library of fearless yogis practicing postures or meditation, as well as through workshops, mentoring, classes and retreats. the honest images and stories collected will be amassed and transformed into yogic resources and artworks to update the public presentation of yoga, and open the meaning of the yoga practice to more bodies.

visit the mission  and submission pages to learn more about the in body meant project and how to contribute.