the in body meant project

em·bod·i·ment   əmˈbädēmənt / noun

a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling. personification, realization, expression, manifestation.

in·body·meant   inˈbädēmənt / noun

the belief that all persons are meant to be liberated in their body expression and that this homecoming can be realized through the fierce and joyful practice of yoga.

the in body meant project is a movement aimed at helping you realize that you and your body were meant for each other. any embodiment practice – that is done as in-body-meant practice – is what the project is all about.

thus, the in body meant project consists of yoga asana, meditation, dance, connection and breath. in body meant practices can come in the form of trainings, yoga classes, workshops and mentorships. the heart of the in body meant project is present when you take a conscious walk, pet the dog, wear pants that feel right, have a truthful conversation or welcome someone into sacred space because they are too.

socially, the in body meant project also consists of images collected on instagram that purposefully disrupt the misrepresentation of yoga as asana alone, or as belonging to one body type. it collects statements that unravel the myth that yoga in the west is reserved for only one skin tone, socio-economic class or language. it seeks to decolonize the western interpretation of yoga, break barriers where ever they may exist, and move the momentum of our community from fear to love one breath at a time.

visit the mission  and submission pages to learn more about the in body meant project and how to contribute.