one-time offerings

Flexy in Five:

flex·i·bil·i·ty (noun) the quality of bending easily without breaking. suppleness. pliability. or…feeling real good in a deep yoga forward fold.

a strategic five-week series that will create tangible and noticeable growth in muscular and joint flexibility. in these thorough and multi-sensory (yes, there may be a handout) workshops, students will explore sustainable techniques and technologies to get longer, more resilient and supple muscles, and more open and lubricated joints. they will travel through one region of the body at a time to acquire and hone tools and drills to strategically open the body. the result? a deeper and more satisfying asana practice. and probably a few party tricks.

Sundays in April at Kindness Capitol Hill. 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  see the Kindness website for pricing and enrollment!

on-going offerings

the in body meant workshop 

a comprehensive one or two day workshop for minority communities that will connect practitioners to their breath, body and heart. the techniques will create an experience of radical wellness in the body you bring with you through the door. expect:

  • Jordan’s living testimonial of how yoga empowers us to feel we are meant to be in the shifting landscape of our bodies–not to outsmart or transcend them–and how we can work with them today to experience wholeness
  • colorful and accessible mythological story-telling, applied brilliantly to our daily lives
  • intelligent discussion of how physical practice can shift our spirits and minds
  • guided somatic meditation
  • vital and well-aligned yoga postures in fun, innovative breath-based flows
  • mindful breathing techniques you can use at home to embody
  • laughter

this workshop is well-suited to and a ruthlessly safe space for LGBTQA2, queer, trans and gender non-conforming communities, specifically.  it is suitable for all ages and levels of practitioner. beginners are welcome and encouraged.

this is a traveling workshop. please contact Jordan at to book a date.